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Jura stands for true craftsmanship.

Quality is our top priority in each aspect of our work.

We do not Mass Produce, we do not take shortcuts!



 "Creating Fine Jewelry requires intensive collaboration, combined with dedication and loyalty"


Stone Setting

Professional Services

Our team of Highly Skilled professionals offers a wide range of diamond setting services for companies all over the world.

We guarantee unique & high quality stone setting to complete your jewelry production.

Set by Hand in our own atelier, based in The Netherlands

Our Settings

High Expertise

Natural Diamonds

As professionals we look beyond the familiar "Four C’s” —carat weight, cut, color, and clarity.

We select diamonds according to a more complex calculus, applying a high level of precision and expertise. 

By using the latest Sherlock scanning System, we Guarantee our diamonds to be 100% natural!


Beyond the visible

With years of dedication and hi inventive Development of Optical Diamond Setting Tools, JURA opened up a host of innovative possibilities within the world of highest quality diamond setting.

JURA established one of the most Outstanding Diamond Setting Ateliers in the world.

The precision of our Diamond Setting reaches beyond the visible!


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Our High Skilled Team and its expertise is at your service!

We will be delighted to meet the team responsible for your Quality Jewelry Production.

If you're looking for High-quality, Innovation & a guarantee of Made in Europe... We'd love to hear from you!

Please contact us to discuss what JURA can add to your business.


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